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Movie Scripts

The Rug
What would happen in this world if wigs started killing?

The Trip

Trips don't always end up as planned.

The Carpet

If your carpet was alive what do you think it would do?

Die Virgins Die

A killer (naturally) attempts to murder, as the title gives away, virgins.

The Big Break
A hack writer (he writes things like kung fu fighting mimes) becomes the biggest writer in the industry when all the other writers die in an earthquake.


Bug Boy
A woman has sex outdoors and things go awry in the birthing factory. Yep, it's a 'B' movie.


Bug Boy 2 - The Progeny
Every 'B' movie deserves a sequel so - Ta da. This time even more goes wrong.


Great American Novel
A man settles down to write The Great American Novel. But it doesn't quite go his way.


The Urge
Bass player by night this musician is also a globe trotting serial killer.


Invasion Of Privacy
A B&E man blackmails the wrong guy and receives chilling consequences.

Story Idea by Theresa DeLuca


The building of a cold-hearted killer.


The Campaign
An actor gets his big break and it's almost like he dreamed.


A cop must choose between what he wants and what is right.


Digital Nightmare
A serial killer leaves no clues to his crimes except for video of the murders on the Internet.
Version 2

Version 3


Intended Target
A group of friends plan to pull off the perfect murder.


The Prodigy
A tennis prodigy finds that not everyone is in it for the love of the game.
Version 2


Shit! The Movie
In progress. Parody of better (or actually) known movies.

Short Scripts

Excitable Boy

Things happen when a boy gets too close to The Twilight Zone.


What would it take for you not to be brainwashed?

Picture Perfect

You never know what's behind those perfect doors.

Mirth Monster

Don't let the Mirth Monster get you.


A car crash.

Bostonian Doctor
What if a doctor acted like an actual Bostonian?


Best Laid Plans
A man announces he's going to kill himself to a stranger.
Story by Christopher Zell
( yes, they're different people)


'Cause My Family Has Money
A mockumentary about obsession.


Bad Start
Dealing with the public.


I Scream At Genie
A woman and a genie. Need I say more?


Truth In Advertising
The things you can find out when you're just a guy on a train.


Perfect World
Welcome to a world where all non-scripted dialog is outlawed. It was all going well until one windy day.


Problem Solved
A guy solves all of his friends problems.


You Never Know
You never really know who's standing next to you.


Television Series Idea


A serio/comedic look at social climbers and the things they'll do to keep their fragile status quo.

Show Concept
Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Television Series


Bound & Gags

Yes, Bound & Gags was an actual local TV series. There were actors and cameras and crew and me. It was hard work but we all had our share of fun. The series ended pretty much with a thud. I was burned out, wanted to do other things, a couple of cast members were moving on, did I mention I was burned out? I planned to only take a month or so off from shooting tot recast so parts and see if I could get some new blood. But, as what usually happens when you' take some time off' time just kept slipping away and the further away from the day to day grind of doing a TV show the less excited I was to get back. I talked to the cast and told them. Some could see the writing on the wall but they were all cool about it.


But that doesn't mean we shot everything I wrote. So here are some (as in the ones I could find) unused scripts from Bound & Gags. The idea behind Bound & Gags was to to do short pieces that got to the joke and got out. Short scenes that had nothing to do with one another but, when added up, we had ourselves a half hour of television. So that's what we did. I may have some episodes somewhere but they're on video tape and have been in storage pretty much since they were shot so they're probably all dust by now. So enjoy what's left of Bound & Gags.


Discount Preacher Mission

Ikea Production Company

The Shitholes Of Malden​

Murder In Malden

A friend of mine is the executive director of an access Tv station in Malden, MA. He got in touch with me about writing a script about the first armed robbery with a murder happened in the US. Peppy little project, wouldn't you say? He said it was the 250th anniversary and would really like to produce a piece on it. I told him to send me what he had. He sent me two articles. That's. I have to write something based on two articles? Sounds about right. 

You can read about the event here:

So I dug as much as I could to find out as much as I could and decided to do it. First I had to come up with a premise. I had to wrap the slight information I had in some form. I knew writing the script I'd probably end up with 12-15 minutes tops. So the conceit I came up with is, while cleaning the TV stations basement they found old film canister that had an old afternoon movie TV show from the 1950's. That way I could jam in commercials, intros, etc. to chew up time. 

But I also needed to do something with the actual story. So I came up with the idea to make it as a silent movie. I didn't know how good his actors would be so I didn't want to tax them. This way no one had to remember lines and all the scenes would be short. I gave it to him but there were issue with the historical society or something, the anniversary year passed by and this became a forgotten project. 

Murder In Malden


Hilary: Queen of the Taj MaMall


A pre-teen goes from your average kid to the Queen when she enters the Taj MaMall.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

The Comeuppance


An egotistical writer gets a job that could put him back in top. If his computer let's him.

The Comeuppance


A public service announcement about my father dying in a car accident.



Bartender: Deconstructed

The day in the life of a bartender.

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