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A Day In The Life
Working with the public. Does anyone see a theme in my work?

Another Day In The Salt Mines
A tour of where the these stories come from.


My thoughts on the little suckers.


But, I Digress. . .
Well, I do, you know.

Cable Station
A simple trip to a TV station.


Don't Let This Happen To You
Having a car stolen.


The Festive Season
You know, the holiday one.


Full Body Contact
Me. A windshield. Many stitches.


The First Graft
A mayor-elect's minion approaches me with a proposal.


Is It Just Me?
Well? Is it?


It Used To Be So Easy
Just trying to get through the day.


It's Not Over Till The Mad Lady Kills
The end of relationship innocence.


Although they should have known better it turns out they didn't.


Life's Little Lottery
Some people have all the luck.


Male Bonding
It's a weird thing.


Night Life
Just another night out.


Stupid People
A trilogy of stupidity.


A guy asked me to do something but he should have known better.

Yeah, I'm working on a cookbook. In progress (actually it's not) and not close to done.

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